Travel club 365 Day’s aRound the World

The concept of the club

The main concept of the Club 365drw is to connect people with similar interests and love for travel and exploring of the world. Club’s team creates and plans travelling programs based on their own travelling experiences focusing on the very best a destination has to offer. Club administrators and moderators work around the clock to provide members with the constant flow of information on ongoing projects and highlights of club’s developments and achievements. Members’ thoughts, pictures, ideas can be easily shared and viewed at www.365 drw.com and via social networks (Facebook).

How to become a member of the club.

Just write or call us, let us know your interests and start travelling with us. Variety of active programs all over the world is available for you to choose from – mountain climbing, tracking, diving, skiing, auto tours, bike tours. Combination tours usually include several countries.

For us travelling is more than just relaxing in a hotel. We are on a constant quest for new and fascinating places to explore. If you also have the urge for fresh emotions and experiences, than you’ll be on the right track with us! Visit our website to learn more about our future plans as well as the journeys successfully accomplished so far. We can also help out with organizing individual trips.

And the last, but not least… we are fortunate to own a boutique hotel Coral Blanca located in gorgeous Dominican Republic. You can come visit us anytime to get to know our team and find out more about what we have to offer. There are various fun activities on site to keep you occupied and make your visit worth you a while.

Hotel Coral Blanco
Branch of travel club “365 Days aRound the World”
Calle Argentina, Playa Chiquita, Sosua, Dominican Republic, 57000.

We are not a travel agency and do not wish to be one. Our goal is to share our passion for travel with others who love to explorer this world as much as we do!


E-mail: info@.365drw.com
Tel: 1 829 9247900;
1 609 9100444 (USA).

The website editorial staff: admin@365drw.com