Climbing on Mont Blanc, 2013

M ItalyAmong a series of technical ascensions while you in Chamonix we had to pay a special attention to ascension on Mont Blanc. Finding a book in a local stores for the info we chose less famous route for ascent which begins in Italy and ends in Chamonix. After figuring out all the details such as condition of the glacier, weather probability etc. we were heading off to our start point. Ahead of us was beautiful and not a simple traverse Mont Blanc 4808m. Starting point in Italy at 1500m, ascent to Monte Bianco and descent from Mont Blanc( France) through three tops (Mont Maudit, Mont Blanc du Tacul). On the way there we went through the tunnel which passes under the same great mountain.

Miage glacier from the hut Gonella.

Miage glacier from the hut Gonella.

In the first day we were climbing the glacier for about 6 hours to get to Gonelas hut. It’s a beautiful place designed for about 25 people, very cosy with huge windows and an amazing views. After a wonderful dinner was time to rest, because we had to continue at 1 am. Ahead of us was long way to peak Piton Des Italiens climbing the glacier and then through narrow pass across Dome De Gouter to the peak Monblanc or Monte Bianco.

At 8 am we reached the top. The weather was good, almost no wind, amazing views. The feeling of euphoria and just a little sad feeling that Monblanc not a dream any more. So we took some pictures and ran downwards.


The way down was challenging. Since we chose to go through three peaks we had a long way ahead of us which was not only going down but we had 1 km of vertical.
The remaining 200 meters was like in a bad dream, the water finished 5 hours ago.
At 12 pm we were in Chamonix. Thirsty and tired but with a good feeling of victory.



Mont Blanc, 4808м

Mont Blanc, 4808м


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  1. AlexRos says:

    Маршрут интересный, а как с погодой было?

    • Погоду нужно ждать. Запас времени должен быть на все это. Мы дождались ясной и безветренной, иначе может быть все гораздо сложнее.

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