Diving in the Philippines, 2012. Whale shark video.

To see a whale shark in it’s natural surroundings is always an event. And meeting unexpectedly a 14 meter giant one is pure luck.
WhileWe were that lucky on the safari in Philippines. The point is that there is the so-called attraction on Cebu island where divers and snorkels can swim next to whale sharks while the sharks being fed. Just to say it is not very cheap, somewhat $200. The good thing that anybody can do it and meet sharks for sure. Bad thing that you meet both whale sharks and a lot of divers and snorkelers makes it a little unnatural. Of course we could not refused our selfs to participate in the attraction and made reservation 3 days in advance. But unexpectedly during dive on the south-west coast of Cebu in the Maolboal we met a 14 meters whale shark. We were lucky to spend half an hour enjoying a beautiful creature. It was very exciting, natural and free of charge.



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