Individual tours in the Dominican Republic

North part of the Dominican Republic: Puerto Plato, Sosua, Cabarete, Río San Juan, Samana, Las Galeras.

Dominicana2From January, 2014 the main office of our club is located in the Dominican Republic and in August, 2014 we will open the hotel Coral Blanco where we have different programs for a different amount of days to get acquainted with the island.

                                   Individual diving programs:

Daily Diving for beginners and advanced Показать
Diving in the cave Laguna El Dudu Показать
Certificates PADI in the Dominican Republic Показать

Excursion day programs for Dominican Republic

Whale watching in the bay of Samana Показать
Unique national park: 27 Waterfalls Показать
Zip Line and Monkey Jungle Показать


Amusement park Ocean World Показать
National park El Choco Показать


Except excursions we also organizing different individual tours where you can visit all of the most interesting parts of the Dominican Republic and also we can include visiting USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Cuba, Costa Rica.

If you are looking to have a great time in the Dominican Republic talk to us. We will be glad to share the experience with you.