2008. Climbing on Ararat, 5137m. Turkey



Ararat is the highest volcanic array of the Armenian upland on east of Turkey. In order to get here necessary to get a special visa because of the military rules. After a visas were successfully achieved the expedition started.



The whole ascent took about three days and three nights starting from intermediate camp on the height of a 3200 m, after assault to a 4200 m, and finally to the top of 5137 m. After lowering downward in an intermediate camp a 3200 m, spending the night and lowering downward in Dogubayazit (city on east of Turkey, in the silt of Agra, 35 kilometers from a border with Iran). We were  obviously lucky with weather in term of the fog and snow was threatening us the night before but it had calmed down. We needed only persistently go up starting at 1 a.m.

And finally long-awaited moment. A few steps – and we are on a legendary top reigning over all Middle Asia! Where in the days of a flood, the ark of biblical Noah stuck. Now here we are. A dream came true! The beautiful sight underlines the victory.

On the top there is a box for the messages and we hope since it that high it will get to the God little faster. The mount welcomed us and we all got the euphoria from being on top of it. Now we have to return home at a new achievements and adventures. But Ararat and it’s beauty will always stay in our hearts!


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