2008. Winter caving expedition. Cave of Mann. Crimea.


Winter, even in the relatively mild Crimean climate not the best time for  hikes and camp in the uninhabited mountains. The aim of this expedition was a desire to test a new equipment. Term of hike : three days and nights complete autonomy, living in a tent camp.

A cave of Mann is on the western slope of mountain Demerdgi and relatively not far from the Angara mountain pass: an about 1,5 hour walking distance.The closeness of civilization provided possibility of departure in case if something goes wrong. The temperature in the daytime near – 7°C, at night  to – 15°C and snow from time to time.

A weather was constantly changing sometimes it was fog or it snowed or a sun peeked out again. Not to stay in a camp all the time we went on top of Demerdgi and nearby to the top name Ivan and Maria. Both times we were rewarded by the magnificent views opened from the tops.

A cave has a horizontal entrance on the slope of mountain. A grotto has in length near 30м, further -vertical well. In well cave is divided into two sleeves: Upper and Lower. To reach the Lower was no problem and the Upper was a little toure , but everything turned out well.

In a cave was much warmer: the temperature was about +8°C that as compared to – 8°C seemed very warm plus physical activity and we were sweating. But the beauty inside was worth everything even the nights spent outside.

In the end it was wonderful experience! Big thanks to all participants. It was fun!


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