2010. Costa Rica.


During many years and until now Costa Rica is one of the world leader in area of eco tourism. It is easily to get lost while choosing where to go: for example 24 national parks, active volcano etc. Here is what we chose.

A national park Corkovado is located in a corner of the south-west of the country. A park reachable only by foot, the vehicles are prohibited. In the park there are a great number of eco lodges that offers a different mind and body programs and yoga practices. The walk in the park not recommended without a guide because of a great number of snakes.

A national park Tortugero is located on the opposite side of the country, it stretched out on a coastline to the border with Nicaragua. It has a difficult systems of channels and mangrove jungles and serves as refuge for four types of tortoises that is near to disappearance, that chose this place for the annual eggs laying.

A national park Arenal Volcano offers the delightful view of an active volcano. In clear night you will be able to enjoy a natural lava show which flowing down on the slopes of volcano. There are numerous thermal springs located in here surrounded by a beautiful nature. So if you appreciate the purity of nature that’s definitely the place to go.


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