2011. Autorace. U.S. – across the entire continent.


An idea to drive through all United States from ocean to ocean on a Mustang or Cadillac is not new, it is a dream of many travelers. First we thought of a legendary routs like Route 66 but at the same time we wanted to see the most interesting places of the country. So one route could not take us places that we wanted to visit.

So we start planning, and after certain amount of time it became clear how to cross a continent from Atlantic to Pacific Ocean visiting the places which are the most excites us. Here are the places: NY, Niagara Falls, Chicago, 1800 Town in South Dakota, Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower, Yellow Stone, Arches, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Santa Monica, San Francisco and on the way home Miami.

Our journey start in a city that never sleeps – New York. It is really a separate world which very from other USA. Thanks to our friends we were great entertained and had a lot of fun. Many thanks to them.

Next stop was Niagara Falls absolutely beautiful. We took a boat and that allowed us to see it from a different angles.

Next was a campground in Maumi Bay park near the Eri Lake

Here we are in Chicago known as ” Windy City”. Surprisingly much less tourists. The city is beautiful and quiet. But we have to hit the road.

1800 Town in South Dakota. It is museum town where you find yourself in the western. Here Saloon where you can have a drink and Reward posters all around. Was worthy to stop by, especially it was on the way.

Rushmore the place which became really popular after the Deep Purple album “In Rock”. To us the surroundings was a little like Crimea without the sea. On the way further we decided to stop at Devils Tower in Wyoming because we like the legend.

The next stop is Yellow Stone. Wild forests, beautiful mountains, lakes. Bisons walking around was an amassing sight. Geysers  was one of our favorites, it looks absolutely amassing.

National park Arches well known thanks to mountain bike commercial really something from a different planet.

Finally the famous Grand Canyon with Colorado river underneath. A lot of hikes and we done living in a tents.

Viva Las Vegas! The sin city, which have it’s own Venice, Paris, Luxor well you got the picture. Casinos, good restaurants, shows. At the end we rented a helicopter just to get the full picture.

Santa Monica – the end of a legendary Road 66. Couple of pictures and we are on the way. Then Santa Barbara adorable little place with its wonderful people.


And San Francisco the town of Golden Gates Bridge,  Alcatraz and famous cable cars. But we like that city for it’s hills, beautiful two story houses standing next to each other and of course fogs in the morning.

On the way home we stayed a couple of nights in Miami, hanging out with friends.

Having a little of everything: good food, nice weather, beautiful beaches…

Honestly, the whole trip was awesome. One day we defenetly  will do it again with those who wanted to go but did not have a chance this time.


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