2012. Ski tour. Dolomiti (Italy)



Dolomiti (Italy) – a fairly large ski area is a total of 12 zones, 450 lifts, 1200 km of ski routes. There is a well-known routes, such as Sella Ronda – ring around the Sella mountain is 40 km. The views around are fantastic. The route technically very simple, that attracts a large number of skiers. We also enjoyed a long route from Marmalada mountain ( the highest peak of Dolomiti 3270m) about 12 km. Infrastructure is classic European ski region with wooden cottages which are by the way well priced.


It is great to ski around Sella Ronda clockwise or in reverse, Val di Faso, Alta badio, and of course Marmelada. The only problem with Marmelada is there are a little complicated to go up again because you have to do a big circle which take about 30-40 minutes if there are no lines.

For the beginners would be good to go to Passo Campolongo go up to Monte Cherz (2095m) and ski on quiet and beautiful hills of Alta Badia




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