2012. Shtandart’s Frigate. Rum regatta, Flejnsburg, Germany


In May,2012 aboard frigate “Shtandart’” we participated on rom regatta” – annual event in Germany (Flejnsburg). Frigate “Shtandart’” – the first ship of Baltic navy, was build by Peter I and governor Menshikov’s order in April 24,1703 on Oloneskaya shipyard and was designed by Dutch ship builder Vybe Gerensyj. The life of frigate was relatively short. In 1730 frigate was disassembled because of decay.
However the history of this ship did not end. September 4,1999 on shipyard “Petrovskoe Admiralty” was build a historical copy of the frigate “Shtandart’”. Now it sailing in waters of European countries.

The regatta that we participated was very colorful event. Of how it took place – we prepared a small film:
It was a real adventure that made us feel that we touched the past and we plan in future to repeat it, but in different countries.


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