2013. Diving in Coco Island, Costa Rica.


One of the most significant place for diving is Coco island (Isla del Coco).One of the largest inhibited island in Pacific ocean. It is Costa Rica territory,province Puntarena. The nearest archipelago is Galapagos islands in a few hundreds miles to the South West. Island is known by a legend of hidden treasure that have not been found yet. Island is covered by the jungles, underwater bottom – volcanic rock with impetuous growing seaweeds. The fauna of the island is protected and since 1997 recorded as Global heritage by UNESCO.


In coastal water there are humpbacked whales, dolphins-afalines, sea lions , white tip and gray tip riff sharks, tiger sharks, hummer sharks and whale sharks. At reeves there are octopuses, murenas, green and olive sea turtles and a lot of parrot fishes.

Photos of the underwater world Сoco island Показать

Several videos taken during this exciting safari


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