2012-Mexico, Diving

Cenote  DOS - OJOS    Eingang des Höhlensystems

We just happened to visit one of the most fascinating place for diving on this planet . This place is Mexico (peninsula Yucatan). The main interest is represented here by the senates: only in this area about 25 caves are available to Cavern Dive. It is impossible to describe a feelings after a dive like that. It is a play of light, violence of colors, галоклины, and of course stalactites and stalagmites which were formed for millions of years.

Besides we visited the island of Cozumel, where one of the most beautiful reeves on a planet, second-large in the world. The reef on Cozumel is the real reserve with the unique underwater world which deserves special attention. A trip took place in August, 2012 and included dives in the senates, which were amazing. We made the movie including underwater shootings of these places. We certainly have a desire to return here, and we will announce when the new trip to this part of the world will be planned.

We chose the most beautiful and interesting cenotes: Angelita, Chac Mool, Dos Ojos, Taj Mahal, Eden, Grand cenot…

This film includes a series of journeys, the subject of diving in Mexico begins with a 11th minute film.


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